Monday, April 26, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100424 Dongho - Invincible baseball team

ENG SUB Dongho's Audition in Invincible Baseball Team

BTW I'm a big baseball fan even before U-Kiss, so I'm gonna promote Invincible Baseball Team
Its a great SHOW
Dongho is such a Snarky, Cute, Adorakble, witty Kid here, he's the only teenager here~ everyone is like in their 30s here kekeke except Kim Jun

this show has 33.5% ratings no# 1 in Korea!

Sexy Cute

Is that a Mole on his lip I have the same exact thing!

Added MORE
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss "Talk To Me" Ending

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[TWITTER[ 100426 Eli Twitter Update *+ Trending

Busy Busy!

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[TWITTER] 100426 Kibums's Tweets

@Kevinwoo91 케빈아~보고싶옹 I miss u kevin~~ㅋㅋ

Continuing from here~

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[PHOTOS] 100426 U-Kiss - Sponsor

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[TWITTER] 100426 Alexander's Tweets

WAAH! Can't wait for the CF hahaha I thought You'll be happy if you're more tired Kekeke
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss Concert in Manila Philippines Stage Layout

The Ticket Prices WENT UP!!! I bet they Didn't expect coz' lots of people! reserved!
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Japan Showcase {OldSchool}

LOL eli's Clothes

Give it to ME!

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