Sunday, July 11, 2010

[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 100709 U-Kiss - Beautiful Memorial Confert BF part 4

Ooooh~ Kemaru~/Beombin

Video Under the Cut (Kevin Focused)
Credits: kissmeukiss + as tagged + kevriel

[TWITTER] 100711 Alexander at the Cinemas + Dongho watching a Baseball game!

Dongho w/ Lee Gyeongpil the Coach/Trainer well its weird he's the Assistant coach hehehe~

Dongho watching the Game~

Alexander watching Eclipse

so Of course I'm one of those Dongho Fans~ and Of Course a Dongho Fan needs to watch Invincible Baseball Team! and of course I did all 61 episodes around 3-4 times already with a lot of 10x replay of dongho's plays~ and everyone should watch it #1 rating in Korea
Credits: kissmeukiss

[PHOTOS] 100709 U-Kiss - Beautiful Memorial Concert BF part 3

Kevin Focused!~ so Sexy and Hot *drools*I can't eat a proper meal~
Credits: kissmeukiss + You & I

[PHOTOS] Dongho's Birthday Gifts part 2

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[PHOTOS] 100703 U-Kiss - Cheongju One Heart Concert part 4

a late update!~ I missed this one T-T Its KEVIN~ hehehe
Credits: kissmeukiss + You & I