Sunday, April 11, 2010

[PHOTOS] U-Kiss Couple - Kibeom X Kevin "BEOMBIN"

BeomBin Have the BEST Name out of all the Couples in U-Kiss~

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[PHOTOS] Dongho with someone

I Don't know her.... anyone does?
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[VIDEO] 090405 U-Kiss - Asia MYX {Philippine TV}

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[VIDEO] 100410 Dongho w/ Eli - Raising Idol EP 3 Cut

Ahhhaaaa~OMONA!!! they showed the Philippine Event
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Official Photos {Old School}

promo shots I guess
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[VIDEO] 100409 God Of Eatery "MWORAGO Preview"

OMONA!!!! I'm so Excited
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[PHOTOS] 100411 U-Kiss - Photographer Update

LOL! Dongho is like doing the SAME Exact POSE~
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[VIDEO] 100408 U-Kiss - Incheon Airport from Thailand

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[NEWS] Shinyoung Statement to U-Kiss "mworago song"

During an episode of God of Cookery Expedition that aired on the 9th, U-Kiss members Soo Hyun and Ki Seop briefly performed a preview of What from their latest album Only One.

The track, which is to be used for the boy band’s follow-up promotions, maintains the same trend of an electronic sound and synthesized vocals from their previous songs, Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul.

As they unveiled the highlight of their choreography on the show for the first time, comedian Kim Shin Young teased that the song bore a resemblance to SHINee’s Amigo. The U-Kiss duo weren’t very amused with Kim Shin Young’s commentary, prompting Soohyun to glare at her direction. Soo Hyun jokingly declared, “U-Kiss fans, let’s defeat Kim Shin Young!”, sending everyone on set laughing.

Although Kim Shin Young was only messing around, let’s hope U-Kiss doesn’t receive too much criticism from plagiarism accusations. They haven’t even begun promoting What yet.

Apart from the three words, What and Amigo sound nothing alike. Just to prove it, listen to both tracks in full below.

SO Ridiculous... I know shinyoung is a SHINee fan... but!~ yeah sometimes u say too much... even though you don't mean it, it kinda HURTS!

The 2 songs SOUNDS Nothing Alike! just the 2 have 3 sylabbles with GO at the End thats it!

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[PHOTOS] 100411 Soohyun & Dongho at Sebakwi {News}

(YES the more the merrier)
Got it from news article....~ in nate
Watch the Full Show Here
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[VIDEO] 100410 - ManManHani Kid Version - Star King

waaaah *melts* Kevin's Laugh~
LMAO at Xander and Kevin's reaction! OMO the Kid got the Moves!

ZE:A & U-Kiss Cut {Skin Check}

Full Show Here
OmoYA~ they have lots of part now~
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[PHOTOS] Beautiful Doll KEVIN ♥♥♥

Original Photo


Kevin is so BEAUTIFUL & STUNNING!! ♡♡♡
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[TRANS] {TWITTER} 100411 KiBum's Tweets

*HyungJun87 is Kibum's older brother.

Why are you depressed?

It's a pity I couldn't attend the filming for BokBulBok today I'm sorry and the next one will be daebak daebak!

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