Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[PHOTOS] 100519 Kevin, Eli &Alexander - Pops In Seoul

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I'm currently downloading the video~ Sleep first~
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[PHOTOS] 100519 Kevin &Alexander - Star King Recording

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[PHOTOS] 100519 Kibum & Dongho - 80일만에 서울대가기2 Press Conference

Someone Gave me the translation in formspring!!
Seoul National University, the top 80 in 10000

I still don't know the title I just can't translate it properly~
roughly/literally it can mean "80 days Seoul University GO"
roman "Yukship Ilmane Seoul Dae Gagi"

BTW Kibum twetted that he woke up at 5am coz' of work, probably for this ne~ I was too lazy to read and think so i just skimmed the article~ it says Dongho & Kibum will be the students and others will be couynselors, so I'm guessing its a reality show about going to Seoul University This is just a guess don't believe me~
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[PHOTOS] 100516 U-Kiss - Okcheon Jiyong Festival part 3

I added more!
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[PHOTOS] U-Kiss - Various Sponsor Update

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[VIDEO] 100516-17 U-Kiss Fancams

100516 Okcheon Jiyong Festival

Mnet M Super Concert 100517 1st Love me Festival for 20

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[SCANS] U-Kiss - Chinese Magazine "Easy" May issue

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