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[TRANS] 110201 U-Kiss' Fresh Interview in Taiwan @ Top Idol No.8 February Issue

U-Kiss: Visited Taiwan For The First Time And Showed Their Hundred Percent Popularity Potential

South Korean 7-members boy group of average age 19, U-Kiss, visited Taiwan recently for the first time to perform in 2010 [V] Chinese Top Year Awards Concert. U-Kiss has powerful backing, they not only can speak Mandarin, English, Japanese and various languages, member Kiseop even didn’t give a thought to his image and stuffed a 50 cents Singapore coin into his nose previously which won applause from the media who were there. Their friendly image defeated other idol groups such as Super Junior, Big Bang, voted by the Singapore media to be the friendliest Korean star.

Credits: kissmeukiss + Top Idol magazine (source) + micsummer @ (translation)
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U-Kiss, who made their appearance in the media conference, did all their best to create laughter, making the Taiwan media also full of admiration for their friendliness. The organizer prepared various Taiwanese snacks to receive them cordially. The members of U-Kiss didn’t care about their image as they grabbed food among one another, but they all kept shaking their head coincidentally upon seeing the smelly tofu. In the end, U-Kiss decided to let Alexander who lost in the finger guessing game to eat it. He ate it in one mouthful boldly and breathed out crazily at the other members which Kiseop, Kevin shouted, “So smelly!” 

On the night of 2010 [V] Chinese Top Year Awards Concert, U-Kiss sang and danced two songs, ‘Shut Up’, ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, making all the audiences went into a frenzied state! Ultimately, U-Kiss lived up to expectation, being awarded the major award ‘Most Potential Overseas Idol Group’. While receiving the award, U-Kiss expressed they had never thought of winning this award, they felt very happy, and as this is their first performance in Taiwan, they felt very nervous. Alexander who knows Mandarin, said on behalf of the members, “This award is of great encouragement to us and hope to come Taiwan often in the future.” U-Kiss even expressed that Taiwanese KissMes were very polite, had not given them any trouble and waited for them patiently, which they felt very touched.

For U-Kiss’ plan this year, they hope they can hold a concert as well as release a mandarin album in Taiwan and their biggest aim is to come to Taiwan often. Lastly, U-Kiss also specially used Korean’s style of New Year greeting which they knelt and wished the Taiwan’s audiences an early happy new year. 

How does everyone plan to plan 2/14 Valentine’s Day?

Kibum: I will prepare chocolates and give to the noonas who are present here. Please send me your address, I’m serious!

Alexander: Because all members don’t have girlfriends, 4/14 is Korea’s Black day for singles to come together and eat jajangmyeon! (Note: 4/14 is a festival designed for both males and females who did not receive any chocolate on these 2 festivals: 2/14 and 3/14. Because they have no lover to spend the day with, so there’s nothing much to celebrate. It’s really a sad and gloomy day, so they celebrate the festival by eating the black jajangmyeon!)

Imagining if you are a girl, who will you choose among the members to be your boyfriend?

Soohyun: Absolutely won’t be in a relationship with the member because I have already seen all those that can be seen and can’t be seen…

Kevin: I will choose Soohyun. I think he is very manly but yet he knows women’s thinking very well.

Alexander: I will choose Kibum, because he will like a person wholeheartedly.

Eli: I will choose Kibum hyung, because he is rich! (big laugh…)

Kibum: I will choose Dongho. Because I can take care of him like a noona. 

Dongho: Eli, because he is very manly!

Kiseop: I will choose Kevin, very pure and simple.

Soohyun: I will choose Alexander, because Alexander’s house is very big plus he is very meticulous and passionate and is a serious and handsome guy. 

If you have the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the fans in Korea, how will you plan to spend it?

Soohyun: I will bring the fans to the practice room to see our serious looks during practice, because this is the closest to our real appearances privately. 

Kevin: I will like to go the entertainment park with fans. 

Kiseop: I will like to go ice fishing with the fans, because there is no such place like ice fishing in Taiwan, so I wish to experience it together with the fans.

Alexander: I want a mini concert. I want to sing many songs for the fans to listen. 

Kibum: I will like to go for a spin with the fans on a big bus, with Kibum driving it but I don’t have a big bus driving license, so it’s a bit dangerous.

Briefly talk about which type of girl suit each other? 

Kevin to Soohyun: I think Soohyun’s physique is good, his figure is good too, and so petite girl is suitable for him. 

Soohyun to Kiseop: He knows very well of the type of girls he wants, he likes girls who are cute and can do aegyo, because Kiseop’s features are very distinct and he’s also handsome , so girls should be fascinated with him too.

Kiseop to Dongho: Suits girls who are like noonas that can take care of him, because Dongho is in his puberty currently, so girls who are noona-alike can accompany him through the rebellious stage!

Dongho to Eli: Any type of girl is very suitable for him, because Eli’s personality is very good! (Eli added in, mainly look at the girl’s personality, not appearance. He likes girl who is lively and proactive.)

Eli to Kibum: Becaues Kibum likes to go gym, so girl who can go gym with him together is suitable but Kibum doesn’t seem to like girl who has muscles!

Kibum to Alexander: I hope Alexander can meet a girl who knows many languages, able to communicate properly, because his Korean is not very good. 

Alexander to Kevin: Because Kevin is a very naïve and pure boy, so the girl should also be very naïve and pure, definitely not those who have motives.

A brand new year has just started, everyone please help make a wish for the members.

Alexander to Kibum: I hope the character business which Kibum and Hyungjun hyung is running will get better and better. 

Kibum to Eli: I wish that Eli can earn big bucks this year and his pants don’t ever tear again!

Eli to Dongho: I wish he can be a bit more sensible, and I wish Dongho’s filming will be a great success!

Dongho to Kiseop: I wish he speak Korean well this year. Though he’s a Korean, I feel that he doesn’t speak Korean very well! (big laugh) 

Kiseop to everyone: Every year there’s a member who will fall very ill, I wish from this year onwards, everyone of the members will stay very healthy and Eli is taking his driving test this year, I wish he can get it very successfully. 

Soohyun to Kevin: This year Kevin is busy with his musical activities, I wish more and more fans will support him!

Kevin to Alexander: Stay healthy, and get to know many good friends!

Credits: kissmeukiss + Top Idol magazine (source) + micsummer @ (translation)
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