Friday, June 17, 2011

[VIDEO] 110617 U-Kiss @ Message to KissMe

Hello this is U-Kiss!
Soohyun: This is a message to our Korean Kiss-Mes
As you know, we will be promoting in Japan, and although its unfortunate, thank you so much for your unconditional support in our 0330 promotions
Even in Japan, we will work hard an come back.
Oh! most important thing is. Don't cheat on us.
Kevin: No~ our fans wouldn't do that. You don't trust them?
AJ: and another important thing is that we'll be starting our nationwide tour after our japan promotions so please look forward to that
Soohyun: Please live while thinking of U-Kiss.
It has been U-Kiss!

Credits: kissmeukiss + ukiss2008 @ youtube + yebin96 (translations)
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