Thursday, October 13, 2011

[NEWS] 111012 U-Kiss' Soohyun shows vocal chord problems and halts 'Neverland' activities

U-Kiss main vocalist Soohyun's "Neverland" activities has been halted due rising problems with his vocal nodules.

On October 12th, according to U-Kiss' agency NH Media, the group's 2nd studio album activities were halted earlier than planned. Soohyun, who is in charge of the group's main vocals, is currently under care for his vocal chords and will be until the end of October. This event has cancelled all of U-Kiss' broadcasting activities for "Neverland" and the group's follow-up activities are being questioned.

Activities for "Neverland" has proven to be exhausting for his vocal chords as he must dance vigorously to the intense choreography accompanying the song, in addition to being in charge of the main vocals.

For 3 months, he underwent training and attended dance practice for 6 hours a day. Leader Soohyun is in charge of the more intense vocals in "Neverland," a difficult high pitch tone.

The mixture of appearing on various programs and the burden of the intense choreography for "Neverland" has resulted in vocal fatigue.

The agency have stated that they will take Soohyun's recovery period in consideration and that the worst case scenario is that Soohyun be absent from follow up activities. 

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