Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[INFO] 110216 Overseas Customer can Now Avail Piro Piro

@HnB Company:
Hi it's HnB Company Finally all the overseas customer can buy PIROPIRO!! about the detail infomation, you can see in couple days Thank U!

Kibum and Hyung Jun's Company named HnB Company is now accepting overseas customers. At the moment, overseas can now avail "Piro-Piro". Information would be given out soon.

Piro-piro is now very famous not only because of its cuteness and uniqueness but also U-KISS is highly promoting "Piro-piro" by bringing it everywhere they go most especially in airports during their trips.

We can even say that "Piro-piro" is getting more attention just like U-KISS, nowadays. What can we say? Piro-piro is just as aodrable as our boys.

Credits: kissmeukiss +@HnB Company+ lexy@kissmeukiss
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