Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[NEWS] 110208 U-Kiss Kevin Invites you to 'Kevinland'

U-KISS member Kevin has made a personal invitation to every Kiss Me to meet him on 'Kevinland'.

U-Kiss members usually tweets many funny things like Alexander and his 'Xanderenese'.

This time Kevin has created a new land where he can meet with his fans while sleeping. Every Kevinian will be welcomed with cheesecake and will never have to worry about getting fat while eating it.

Fans have been so happy about this new place that they even made it become a trending topic. Actually all this new land has already created a war. Kevin fans started the trending of 'Kevinland' but it was soon invaded by Jonas fans who believed that the topic was about Kevin Jonas.

Go to twitter and join this interesting battle and help Kiss Me defend their new country. By the time Emperor Kevin wakes up, he will realize the war he has caused so be sure to be part of the history of 'Kevinland'.


Well it looks like Kevin actually came back to protect his new land.

Credits: kissmeukiss +gokpop
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