Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[NEWS] 110209 STAR DATE with ‘ U-KISS ’ in Hongkong

◎ STAR DATE with ‘ U-KISS ’ in Hongkong

■ A Miracle Meeting with a Hallyu Star!
An event which men and women of all ages have surely dreamed of~!
A legend, that will hit hard on Asia, is about to be presented!
A Miracle Meeting between and !!
(Casting Stars: U-Kiss Eli & Kevin)
Fantastic Public Date based on the theme of Journey!!

■ Audition in which U-Kiss(Eli&Kevin) will directly select their partners..?
Complete the Application Form Online!
Final participants are evaluated and announced at the site! (Minimum 4 persons)

▶ Online Application => ~ 6pm February 22nd 2011
▶ Audition Evaluation => February 23rd 2011 (Time and place, to be announced later)

- 17 ~ 25 years (female)
- Korean songs, dances and various individual talents
- Quiz based on information about U-Kiss, Korea etc.

▶ Announcement of Finalists => Announcement made on the spot!
Be granted the greatest favor to date with Kevin & Eli!

Who will be the majestic one, to create a romantic scandal with a Hallyu Star?
You, can be the one.
Apply Now!

*waaaaah! omonaaa~ I WANT TO BE KEVIN'S DATE. :| LOL! :))

Credits: kissmeukiss @youtube
Take Out With Full Credits & Do Not HotLink

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