Friday, February 11, 2011

[NEWS] 110210 SS501's Hyungjun Creates Game Team! U-KISS's Kibum Designs Uniform

A famous composer, 'Rado' who has worked with Beast MBLAQ, had presented a logo song gift prior to MBC Game’s 10th Anniversary.

It was said that Kim Hyungjun (SS501, Game team's leader) and 'Rado' are close, and Hyungjun has requested for the song. Both of them worked together to write the lyrics and composed the song. Among the hit tracks that he has worked on were Beast's 'Breathe' and MBLAQ's 'STAY'. He is currently working on Kim Hyungjun’s solo album.

SS501 Hyungjun's younger brother, U-KISS's Kibum, has directly participated in designing the uniform for Hyungjun's game team.

In order to find the right image to represent Hyungjun's team, Hyungjun went to his younger brother Kibum and requested him to design the uniform for his team. The two of them has created a business character together. Kibum who fully equipped with character design skills, jokingly asking his brother for a fee instead of designing the uniform for free, which has made Hyungjun panicked.

This fun logo song and cute uniform can be seen through MBC Game channel on February 11th at 5pm.

Here's a teaser:


Credits: kissmeukiss +Fomos (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Translation)+Babyjunnie501@youtube+rohyerin
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