Sunday, February 13, 2011

[NEWS] 110212 U-Kiss' Dongho bursts into tears on ‘Star King'

Idol group U-Kiss’ Dongho has become a hot topic because of the tears he shed during a violin performance by Korean-German violinist, Park Ji Hye (25) also known as Jihae Park.

On February 12th, Park Ji Hye, a world renowned violinist, was a guest on SBS’s “Star King“. During the recording, Park Ji Hye played a variety of genres from classical to even Korean trot.

From the age of 14, Park Ji Hye has attended the School of Music in Mainz, Germany. Because of her talents, she received national support from Germany and was even sent to America to further her studies. Her Guarneri violin, which is said to be worth 40 billion won ($35.52 million) and only one of three that exists, was even lent to her by the German government.

However, she revealed, “At one time, I was severely depressed. While I was studying abroad, my mom was unable to afford my studies because of the IMF Financial Crisis. Music became more of a burden instead of a joy.” She continued, “I played at places like Sorokdo and playing classic music or energetically playing ‘Hometown’s Spring’ made me happier. Music became the force that uplifted me out of depression.”

To this moving story, 18-year-old U-Kiss’ Dongho burst into tears. He explained, “Because I started my singing career from a young age, there were many times I complained and wanted to quit. I know how it feels, but seeing her go through times much worse than mine is very encouraging.”

You can view some of her amazing violin playing in the video below:

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