Saturday, February 26, 2011

[NEWS] 110224 U-Kiss’ fans and family talk about Alexander and Kibum’s controversy

Due to the recent controversy regarding U-Kiss, their fans and family members have also reacted. 

NH Media announced that Alexander and Kibum were leaving the group and that they were recruiting new members. They said that both of them were quiting because of personal reasons but later this was refuted.

Kibum confessed that he was actually forced to sign a document in order to leave the group. Like we reported we posted a comment on his twitter account saying that he prioritized U-Kiss over the company he created with his brother.

Alexander’s father has also decided to speak about this matter and sent a message to Kibum. He left him the following tweets.

“KBummie, I’ll be always on ur side & by ur side & more importantly God is w/ us,” Mr. Eusebio said.

“Son, I know u’re hurting, we knew it’s not ur fault! Soon they’ll know the truth, & the truth will set u free!”

Kibum as well thank him saying, “Thank u father, everything’s tearing me apart. I’m still hurting.”

While Kibum will leaving the company, Alexander will remain on it but without being part of U-Kiss.

In the meantime KISSMEs around the world are signing an online petition in order to bring both members back to the band. So far they have already gotten 3,100 signs.

The fans are also criticizing the company, and have commented that Alexander and Kibum are important in U-Kiss.

We still need to wait to know how this story is going to end. However, it has been said that U-Kiss will make their comeback as a 5 member group since they have already finished the recording for the album.

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