Friday, February 18, 2011

[TRANS] 110216 U-Kiss Visiting Taipei's Raohe Night Market

In 10 degrees Celsius, the Heartwarming Support from Fans Made U-Kiss Went Around the Night Market Feeling Too Warm, Taking Down Their Coats and Wanting to Eat Ice.

In tonight's (16 Feb) 7pm Channel [V] Love JK hosted by Wu Jian Heng, there will be a special report of U-Kiss arrival in Taiwan to attend the 2010 [V] Music Awards Concert. Channel [V] Love JK Wu Jian Heng specially brought South Korean band U-Kiss around Taipei's Raohe Night Market to try the different food culture. In the cold winter night, there were a lot of fans waiting at the venue; their passion were not dampened by the cold 10 degrees Celsius temperature. In the cold 10 degrees weather, the fangirls were very heartwarming, causing U-Kiss to take down their coats and making them feel so warm that they want to eat mango ice shavings.

In the 10 degrees Celcius, the enthusisam built up as the negt went. Even before the South Korean boyband U-Kiss reached Taipei's Raohe Night Market, the fangirls had already came, undeterred by the cold weather, holding their cameras to get the best position for clear close-up shots of U-Kiss when they arrived.

The fangirls' enthusiasm warmed U-Kiss, who even though it was chilly, the young & strong boys were not scared of the cold and complained that they felt too warm. Because of the warmth, they decided to forgo trying the famous Taipei's Raohe Night Market herbal pork ribs to eat mango ice shavings, which make them said "Delicious!" out loud.

Other than having a feast at the night market, U-Kiss tried playing the night market's games - Jiugongge*, arcade basketball and table hockey. They experienced the real Taiwan's night market culture. In the cold winter night, U-Kiss, together with the passionate fans till the end, felt the warmth of Taiwan's fans.

Caption: Eating mango ice shavings that they longed for, they felt like bursting with happiness

Translation note: Jiugongge is the aim and shoot game. The boys practically had to throw some balls, aiming to flip 9 boards. To get clear picture, just watch the show.

Credits: kissmeukiss Love JK's official Facebook page + (translation)
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