Sunday, February 20, 2011

[TRANS] 110218 HnB Company Official Announcement - Ways to Purchase Piro Piro from Overseas


This is HnB Company.

Finally PiroPiro is now able to be purchased worldwide!! Bbabam~!

In March, once PiroPiro website has been upgraded, local or overseas orders can be done via the message board.
Meanwhile, orders can be accepted via E-Mail.

International shipping cost will approximately be 1 box = 15,000 won


1. Name of Payee
2. Name of recipient
3. Intended shipping country and address
4. Contact means

Provide the above information and we will advice on the specific shipping details.

Product cost and shipping cost can then be paid and transferred together.
(The maximum capacity of 1 box is for 1 face cushion and 2 neck pillows)
(If orders only consist of neck pillows, the box can contain a maximum of 6 pillows)

Please deposit the payment according to the country’s current exchange rate in order to match the equivalent of the cost in South Korean won.

Now there are already many who have made deposit according to their own exchange rate and has not matched the right payment amount. (We’ll have to contact them separately ^^)

Hope that you will show lots of support ^^ Translation of this text will be uploaded later


PS: For your info, email address of HnB Company: 

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