Thursday, March 17, 2011

[INFO] 110316 Top 10 Maknaes

What does the ten idols in the photo above have in common? Other than being good looking, gorgeous and incredibly famous?

Yes you are right. These ten idols are the maknaes of the top idol groups in K-pop. Maknae, by definition, refers to the youngest member in a group. They are usually expected to be cutest and most adorable in a group but not all fits this description (think 2PM‘s Chansung, who looks more mature than some of his members, and SNSD‘s Seohyun, who are more mentally mature than most of her unnies and with significantly less aegyos).

The list of top 10 maknaes of idol groups is compiled by MTV K and voting for the number one maknae starts now at the MTV K website.

So, who is going to get your vote for the best maknae?

Is it SHINee‘s Taemin, the maknae with the ever fluffy hair? TVXQ‘s Changmin, who is more sexy than cute? Big Bang‘s quirky and outspoken Seungri? Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun who’s evil to his older members? 2PM‘s model-like Chansung? U-Kiss’ Dongho with a lovely eyesmile to melt fans everywhere? 2NE1‘s dancing machine Minzy? 2AM‘s Jinwoon, another contender for best eyesmile? KARA‘s cute and adorable Jiyoung or SNSD‘s goddess-like maknae Seohyun?

Think about it and vote for your favorite maknae in the MTV K poll today!

Stay tuned for more news on your favorite Kpop stars!

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