Saturday, March 5, 2011

[NEWS] 110305 Alexander to Perform Once More With U-Kiss

After the announcement of Alexander and Kibum leaving the group, Alexander will once more perform as a U-Kiss member.

By the end of January, an announcement had been made regarding a U-Kiss mini-concert in Medan, Indonesia on March 5th. With this, NH has made a condition that he would be given a freelance contract if U-Kiss were to have overseas activities allowing Alexander to attend the concert. On the other hand, Kibum’s contract was terminated in early January making it impossible for him to be at the said event.

To fulfill the concert contract that has been made to Alexander, he will therefore perform at the said concert making it that ‘last performance as a U-Kiss member.’

It was said that after the concert, the ‘new’ U-Kiss will prepare for their comeback with a ballad and will introduce their two new members to give the group more vocal strength.

Best of luck to the boys of U-Kiss. Are you ready for their comeback?

Credits: kissmeukiss + Uni + gokpop
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