Friday, March 11, 2011

[NEWS] 110310 U-Kiss Reveals New Pictures and Comeback Date

U-Kiss has presented their new concept and already revealed the date of their comeback.

With the recent changes on their lineup, U-Kiss is finally ready for their comeback.

The band will be back on March 17th and will introduce a new ballad. The members have also showed some pictures and their new concepts. They have a softer look compared to the one used for 'Shut Up' and now look like sweet and warm kids, which will perfectly match their new track.

Also some of the members including Eli, Kiseop and Kevin have decided to opt for a lighter hair color. The new members Hoon and AJ are as well present on this photoshoot.

Some KISS MEs might accept this new line-up, while others are still hurt with the departure of Alexander and Kibum. We just need to wait until the release of their song to know the new U-Kiss.

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