Friday, March 11, 2011

[NEWS] 110310 U-Kiss' Kevin Breaks Twitter Silence

Kevin from U-Kiss has been the first member to speak out about the new lineup.

Since it was revealed that Alexander and Kibum were going to be leaving the group, the other members remained quiet on Twitter, but now Kevin has spoken out about the situation.

Earlier today, he said:

'I'm back on Twitter! I missed u so much! I know it's been a rough time for everyone for the past weeks and it has been even tougher for us.

I'm still getting used to the new changes and it I know it will take a while.. but @90KKB and @alexander_0729 will always be a part of U-Kiss and will always be in my heart! I pray for the best in whatever they do! Please continue to give them love and support in the future! 

As for U-Kiss we will continue to make our comeback soon with our new members AJ and Hoon. Please welcome them with warm hearts! Thank you for your unconditional love for U-Kiss and I will always love you~ Everyone FIGHTING!'

U-Kiss just revealed their new concept photos and confirmed their comeback date as March 17th.

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