Monday, March 21, 2011

[NEWS] 110317 Hyungjoon talks about Kibum

Hyungjoon’s Interview with IS Plus (only the parts relating to Kibum):
Q: Your character business is flourishing.

It’s truly beyond my expectation. Thanks to my brother Kibum that’s why it’s flourishing. Kibum even did the packaging of products himself, and also stuffed the cottonwool into the toys. The character cushions that were supplied to us and meant to be sold over 1 year has been sold out in only 2~3 months. Response in Japan and China is good too. Not long ago we also recruited 2 employees who are good in foreign language. We’ll start on aggressive overseas sales too. After the character ‘Piro Piro’ that was already released first, will be followed by another character ‘Siro Siro’. Our company is filled with the Festival Atmosphere. Haha.

Q: How do you distribute the profits raked in from your business?

I give it all to my brother. Because he’s the one working more aggressively his guts out for this.

Q: Your brother Kibum withdrew from U-Kiss. How will his future broadcast activities turn out like?

He’s looking for an agency that will blend in well with him. Should there be any good agency for him, he’ll start his broadcast activities thereafter. It’ll be good if Kibum could succeed at first go, but I hope for him to become a singer who develops better and better over each stage by each step consistently.
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