Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[TRANS] 110309 Soohyun's Cyworld Update

(Sidebar Update) U-Kiss~!!
I'll lead my younger brothers well...!
I love you

This time I will show it well
Please anticipate it!
AJ together with Hoon, please cheer for us a lot!!!

Everyone, do you know our heart????
No.. You don’t know the rest of the younger member’s hearts……
Don’t you know how hard the rest of the members work???
Really disappointed and frustrated..
Then I’ll lead our younger brothers one by one feebly.. ???..

I always thought Kibum and Alexander wouldn’t be reasonable
My heart will always be cheering for you… This is only fair
Wherever Kibum and Alexander are, always cheer for them
Please love our new younger brothers a lot .. I ask of you!
Until right now I’ve been really frustrated.. I’m sorry to all of the fans for complaining..
I love you.. From now on, I will work as hard as I can..
Well, then..

Credits: kissmeukiss + Soohyun's Cyworld + moksori + u-kissed @ tumblr
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