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[TRANS] 110331 Dongho @ Epop Magazine Issue 303

What is the difference between “singer Dongho” and “actor Dongho”?

There isn’t a very big difference, when we are performing on music shows I will walk and use music to de-stress, but now I pass time by watching dramas. The biggest difference is that my members are not with me. When I am lonely or sad I have no one to lean onto. This is quite sad.

Was the filming of “Royal Family” interesting?

Very interesting. There were much more scenes that I had to act in compared to the previous movie that I was in. The difficulty level was also higher, and my acting skills are not that good yet, but I am trying to improve on this and I feel that I should work harder.

Was it burdensome to act together with your seniors?

“Royal Family” is based on a family in Korea’s high-class society, so the atmosphere on set is quite tense, but after the director shouts “Cut!” it will be different, especially when I hear the seniors talk about their past experiences. They are so meaningful!

Is there a role you must try playing?
I want to try playing a role like Kim Joo Won (Hyunbin) in “Secret Garden” that can move even male fans. I also want to try playing roles that can make people think “if only I were more mature” or “If only I could do this”.

Which actor do you want to act most with?

“Dream High”’s Kim Soohyun hyung. I am his loyal fan! Actually, I’ve met him once, his personality is really nice! If I ever get to the standard where I can work with him, I hope I will get the chance to.

Is it very tiring to be acting and preparing for a comeback at the same time?

To be honest... I am feeling very tired, that’s why I am trying to adopt good habits. I need to rest but at the same time remember dance steps and watch dramas! So, I am working hard now to balance all these out.

Do you have any special methods to keep yourself healthy?
I don’t have anything special, but I really like eating sweet food like chocolates. Once I am tired I will be unhappy, so at these times I need chocolate to cool myself down.

What present do you want to give to your parents the most?

I hope when I earn lots of money next time… I want to buy a big present to show my respect for them. I really admire celebrities whenever I see news of them buying houses and cars~

What is the biggest difference between now and when you just debuted?

When we first debuted I didn’t know anything. I only chose to work in this industry because I liked the idea of being a singer, but after becoming one I realised the advantages and disadvantages, so recently I have been trying to think positively. Even if I see insulting comments, even if I face difficulties, even if I don’t have any air time, I will still think on the bright side and realise these are not really problems.

As a singer, what is the dream who want to achieve most?
Until today we haven’t even gotten first on any music show. I really wish U-KISS will get number one.

What about you makes you attractive?

Everytime I answer this question I will feel so embarrassed, how can I talk about my own attractiveness without feeling embarrassed? I am very mature for my age and that is what’s attractive about me. Contrary to first impression, nobody can believe that I am only 18 after speaking to me. At first I felt hurt, but as time passed I realised that it is actually attractive. Although I am only a normal student, I seem very mature at times.

What kind of girls do you like?

I don’t like people who tell lies. I can tell if someone is lying very easily. If I know that someone has been lying I will explode in anger, so I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who lies!

If you could be born again, what kind of person do you want to be?

A while ago when I was at a certain website I saw a topic about the guy who looks best dressed up as a girl (?). Curious, I clicked on it and realised that it was me! It seems a bit weird to be saying this, but at times I think I’m quite abnormal. Usually when guys are asked to dress up as girls they will be unwilling, but when I do it I will make sure I take care of my hair and take pictures, acting as if I have worn skirts for a long time. Although this sounds like I am boasting, but I think I am quite pretty. If I were to be born again I want to be a girl who is even prettier than I am now! 

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