Monday, April 11, 2011

[INFO] 110408 'Bran New Kiss' with Photocards Bulk Order

Hello, Kiss Mes ^^

This is an annoucement for Kiss Mes regarding U-Kiss' 5th mini-album.
To count the quantity of albums sold, we will be shipping these albums to the fanclubs that have participated in buying large quantities from reliable CD stores such as YES24 and SinNara.

For the fanclubs that are buying in bulk, the company is offering a reduced price of 11,900won per album and delivery (with fee) rather than purchasing the CDs from different CD outlets. Because this is a mass delivery process, we do not offer the album poster with the purchase.

We will not be offering autographed CDs following this mass purchase. We are holding numerous fansign events so please understand the inconvenience. Those who wish the purchase the album, please consider the following option.

To make up for not including the poster nor holding an autographed CD event, for those who are purchasing in bulk we will present a special unreleased photocard instead.

Please follow the purchase directions and purchase btween the specified dates, after sending the album and delivery fee, please send a verification email.

Please read the following details regarding the mass purchase:

U-Kiss' 5th Mini-Album Kiss Me Mass Purchase

1. Length of Purchase Period: April 8th, 2011 (Friday) ~ April 14th, 2011 (Thursday)
2. Purchase Cost: 11,900Won (i.e 2 CDs will cost 23,800Won, 3 CDS will cost 35,700Won)
3. Shipping Cost: 2,500Won [T/N: This should be for domestic costs.]
4. Bank Deposit Account: Woori Bank (우리은행) / 1002-042-476188 (Depositor: Min JiYoung)
5. Buyer Name: Buyer Name + Quantity of Item (i.e Hong Gil Dong wants one CD = Hong Gil Dong1)
6. Purchase Gift: 5th Mini-Albim unreleased photocards (A random member picture)
7. Shipping Date: From April 20th, 2011
8. Other Details:
- Album poster is not included.
- Autographed CD event will not be happening.
- There will only be one random photocard per CD.
- After your purchase, you MUST send a verification email to ensure a definite arrival.
- Please make sure the buyer name is correct.
- The shipping cost refers to domestic shipping. Please contact us for international shipping quote.
- If the total cost (incl. shipping cost) is not fully paid, your order may be cancelled. Please make sure the total cost is correct.

Purchase Verification Email 
1. Email Address: 
2. Email Title: [앨범공구] Buyer Name + Quantity of Item + 입금확인요청 (i.e [앨범공구] Hong Gil Dong 2CD 입금확인요청)
3. Email Content:
① Date of Deposit:
② Buyer Name:
③ Deposit Amount:
④ Purchase Quantity:
⑤ Shipping Address: (required)
⑥ Contact: (required)
⑦ Shipment requests:

4. Check Deposit Deadline: Payment deadline is the same as the purchasing deadline. Latest payment date is April 16th, 2011. Items will be shipped out on the April 20th, 2011.

That is all, those who wish to purchase the album within this period, please purchase.
Questions regarding the purchase, please post in the official fan cafe board in the section [질문답변]. Please do not re-post questions that have been posted within the bulletin.

Thank you. 
Credits: kissmeukiss + + pigger995 @ (translation)
Take Out With Full Credits & Do Not HotLink

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