Monday, April 18, 2011

[INFO] 110418 AJ is the newest member of the Twitter World

AJ gives up to the request of the fans by making a twitter account as well, just like all the members.

This was confirmed by Kevin's Tweet a while ago, "This is AJ's Twitter account!!! @JSK91AJ He finally made one~ lol Send him lots of love! ♥ 에이제이 트위터이에요! @JSK91AJ 팔로우 팔로우~~"

So with AJ having an account, the whole crew is now complete again making U-Kiss a group having all twitter accounts.
Not only that AJ also shows off his good english with his first ever tweet, "For people strongly told me to do the twitter, I made it but do I work this out... it's damn~ complicatedㅠ"

What are you waiting for? Welcome the newest member in twitter world!
Follow U-Kiss' AJ - @JSK91AJ

Credits: kissmeukiss (lexy) + @JSK91AJ
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