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[TRANS] 110411 U-Kiss @ KoreanPOP Magazine Vol. 11 (Indonesian Magazine) - Interview

After holding a succesful Mini Concert in Medan-Brastagi, Indonesia last March 5th, KoreanPOP got an opportunity to interview the group, U-Kiss. After waiting under a cold weather for about 15 minutes, finally we were able to meet the 6 boys which welcomed us with a friendly atmosphere. Although they've done so many activities during that day, there was no sign of tiredness in their faces. They threw jokes at each other making the awkward atmosphere into a friendlier one making the 10mins interview feel like just 3mins. All the questions & answers were in English, thanks to Eli and Alexander (translator note: I think they forget to put Kevin's name here) for being the translators between KoreanPOP and Soohyun, Kiseop & Dongho.

Credits: kissmeukiss + KoreanPOP + U-KISSesia + Xian @UKISSesia (scans/taken & translation)  + lexy @ kissmeukiss (corrections)
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Introduce yourselves please:
A (Alexander): Hello, I'm Alexander
K (Kevin): Hello, I'm Kevin
E (Eli): Hello, I'm U-Kiss Eli
D (Dongho): Hello, I'm U-Kiss Dongho
S (Soohyun): Hello, I'm U-Kiss Soohyun
KS (Kiseop): Hello, I'm U-Kiss Kiseop
All: And we are U-Kiss.

What do you think about Indonesia and finally holding a concert here?
K: We always wanted to go to Indonesia even before. And now, finally we were able to come and one great impression was the "love of the fans". They were very excited, enthusiastic and were such friendly people. Plus, so many beautiful views, trees and mountains everywhere.
A: And we really enjoyed the food as well.
K: Uh yeah, yummy.
A: Love nasi goreng (fried rice) and sate (satay)
K: Yes, yes.

Do you like it too?
E: I loved everything. (laugh)

What do you think about the concert? Any good moments?
E: It was so much fun. This was the first time we did it with Indonesian fans. We really had a good time both on stage and off. We would like to thank all the fans who were with us for three consecutive times. (He means the three events during their stay in Brastagi)
A : Terima kasih! (thank you)
K : Ah, during the fanmeeting (he means the showcase) we also played games on stage. We chose our own fans and everything which made us even closer to our fans.

In addition to singing and acting. what else do you want to do?
S: I'm Soohyun.... I ...
A: Musical!
S: Oh, yeahh.. musical.
D: I'm Dongho. I want to be a Radio DJ.
KS: I want to put up a coffee shop with Eli.
E: *started talking in Korean* (he was translating Kiseop's words)
S + D: Yongo yongo! (English, English)
E: OH YEAAHH.. I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH!! (continue) yup, looks like I want to put up my own coffee shop with Kiseop in Korea as well.
K: I think many fans will go there!
E: I hope so.
K: And i want to try to act in a drama or movie.
A: Me? I WANNA GO TO HOLLYWOOD! (laugh) no, maybe if Eli and Kiseop puts up a coffee shop, I'm going to sell my Gummy Bears or cookies or cakes there. Yum yum!

Let's be realistic, if you can't continue to work in the entertainment industry no more, what would you like to do? Travelling or...
E: I wanna go backpacking!
All: Uwoooww~~
E: Backpacking around Asia.

With who? Boys or girls?
E: With KissMes.
All: Awww~~
K: You'll pay for everything?
E: (laugh) I'll try.
All: (laugh)
KS: I will put up a coffee shop.

Just imagine, 10 years or more from now, you will be get married..

What kind of wedding do you want?
KS: I want a wedding in the beach
S: I want a marriage on stage while U-Kiss is having their promotional tours.
E: And he will marry everyone!
D: I want a simple marriage. A wedding at the church.
K: If I get married, I want... a wedding at the beach. Like Kiseop.

If you wake up the next day as an actress who would you like to be?
KS: I wanna be like Go Hyesun from Boys Before Flowers (she played as Geum Jandi)
S: I want to be Lee MinJeong, the girl in Boys Before Flowers too.
D: IU. I would like to be IU.
K: I wanna be a girl from Girls' Generation (SNSD)
E: Who?
K: Jessica.
E: I would like to be... ANGELINA JOLIE
E: NO! And you?
A: I... I don't know..
E: Alexander could be Oprah Winfrey
A: Yeah. I wanna be a succesful woman.

Money, or Love, or Friendship. Which one comes first?
KS: Number one is friendship, 2nd is love & the last is money.
S: For me, of course love will be the first. Love from fans.
D: Me..? All the same.
E: Friendship. And then love, then money.
A: Me too!
K: I pick love, because of friendship and kinship, there's love there!

What are your plans after this concert?
E: We want to release a new album and we'll ask our fans to keep supporting us 100% and we want tell them that we really love them & we're thankful for all the support they are giving us.
All: Good!

Will you have another concert here in Indonesia?
E: Yup! We'll try to come to Indonesia & we'll visit Jakarta!
K: Yeah, Jakarta.
D: And Bali.
E: Yeahh.. We want to visit Bali too.

Any message for your fans and readers?
K: Well, this is the first time we came to Indonesia and we are very grateful to all of you for greeting us upon our arrival here and making the show a success. We will, definitely, be coming back for future concerts and fanmeetings or showcase. We'll release a new album, so please keep on supporting us! WE LOVE YOU!
A: We'll miss you!
Credits: kissmeukiss + KoreanPOP + U-KISSesia + Xian @UKISSesia (scans/taken & translation)  + lexy @ kissmeukiss (corrections)
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