Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[INFO] 110503 U-Kiss Going to Debut in Japan Under Avex Entertainment

U-KISS、avexと契約!! 「0330」活動とアジアツアープロモーションの結末をつけてから6月から3ヶ月の間日本宿所に泊まって正式にプロモーションを進行する計画。この為にメンバーたちは「0330」カムバック前から日本語勉強に突入、活動準備をしている(記事元:スポーツ朝鮮)

After ending U-Kiss' '0330' and Asia promotions they will head to Japan to officially debut there. They will debut under Avex Entertainment. From June until onwards, they will be staying in Japan for 3 months and officially start promoting there. They have been learning Japanese even before their '0330' promotions.

As of now, they are getting ready to debut in Japan. 

Credits: kissmeukiss + Sport Chosun (japanese site) + kpopandmusic @ tumblr
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