Friday, May 27, 2011

[NEWS] 110524 Kim Kibum cries at Singapore Fanmeeting

Kim Kibum was worried he would lose the support of fans after leaving Korean boyband U-Kiss, but last week, about 40 local fan representatives presented a special and touching short video clip, encouraging Kibum to face the future bravely, and that they would always be supporting him.

"I was afraid... because I'm not in U-Kiss anymore..." Mentioning this, Kibum was a little choked up, and teared.

After leaving U-Kiss, Kim Kibum is flying solo. A few days ago, Warner Music organised a fanmeeting "Till We Meet Again", attracting many fans' support.

With an emotional ending after a joyful hyper atmosphere during the fanmeeting, Kibum made a promise. He said to fans: "Although I have some songs now, in the next few months, I will work hard and produce songs specially for you!"

During the fan interaction activities, Kibum gave lots of "hugs full of love", making the girls taking part in the activities delighted, and leaving the fans in the audience envious.

One of these activities allowed fans to ask Kibum questions on stage. One fan asked: "Can you marry me?" Kibum directed the question to the audience, stirring up objections from the fans, all shouting "NO!".

Another fan wanted Kibum to dance, but he only showed off a few simple dance steps. The host changed the request, asking Kibum to do "sexy and cute" poses, for the fans to snap away with their cameras. Kibum thought for a while, and then turned around to check if his abs were "show-able". At the end, he casually agreed to reveal his abs for 3 seconds. Fans went crazy, and snapped away.

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