Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[NEWS] 110613 U-Kiss visits Malaysia

U-Kiss emerges as 'God of Korean Wave Idols'.

U-Kiss is currently preparing with Avex entertainment for their debut in Japan this month. They are embarking on their debut from Osaka and have interested many new sources such as Daily Sports, Sankei Sports, receiving a boost popularity.
Normally if Korean idol groups were to debut in Japan they begin with a showcase in Tokyo however, U-Kiss has taken a different route and started in Osaka.
U-Kiss is not only receiving attention in Japan but also in many other countries. They had visited Malaysia on the 10th and held a showcase. In this showcase more than 10,000 fans* attended, showing the great amount of love and support for U-Kiss. They also had a fan meeting after the showcase to personally greet the fans and give autographs to show their gratitude. During their visit to Malaysia, they had also given scholarship fund to orphan children. They stated, "We're happy because we could spend a nice time with our fans and we felt great to give funding to children who who needed help".

U-Kiss will be releasing 'Bran New Kiss' in Japan on August 24th and they will also have a nationwide tour next year.

*The article states 10,000 people however this is an estimation of attendees for all the events in Malaysia, not just the showcase.  

Credits: kissmeukiss + sports.chosun.com + sunmun423 (translations) + rocketboxx.net
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