Thursday, June 23, 2011

[NEWS] 110622 U-Kiss is ready for their full-scale Japanese debut and... Takoyaki houses?

U-Kiss has a burning will to tour in Japan.

U-Kiss is currently planning to work in the Osaka-based area in the Kansai region in order to differentiate themselves since most Korean idol groups have a tendency to work in Tokyo, Japan.

They have began living together under one roof this month. They have seemed to adapt to Japanese lifestyle very well.

The members often have strenuous and very difficult practices every day, and since they are within thirty minutes of takoyaki shops (grilled octopus dumplings) they have taken a particular affection to the Japanese cuisine. They also have a very bold passion for learning the Japanese language, as they often go outside and converse in Japanese using practical exercises. Dongho, the youngest of U-Kiss, says that he would love to go to Japan’s outdoor fields to play baseball. He said he would also love to attend the Koshien Invitational one day.

Today, they have started the first of their live filming for their upcoming DVD release.

U-Kiss is a multinational group with dreams of momentum for global expansion, one that could easily be achieved with their new-found success in Japan.

Credits: kissmeukiss + U-Kiss' official Ameblo + xroyalsoohyun @ tumblr (translations)
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