Monday, June 27, 2011

[NEWS] 110626 Fantastic Boy Groups List by 10Asia

Born in 1991, Sub Vocal,
Former 'Ulzzang', Joined in 2009,
Nickname: 'Ung Seoppie' (Because his actions are clumsy)

Born in 1991, Real Name: Kim KyungJae, Rap, Sub Vocal Lead
3rd Generation Living in the States
Nickname: LiGeon(Wears furry jackets and acts like a pigeon)

Born in 1991, Real Name: Woo SungHyun, Lead Vocal,
Former 'Xing' Member, sweet and soft words with lots of aegyo, Talents: Girl Group Dances

Born in 1991, Real Name: Yeo HoonMin
2009 Promoted with song 'Bus'
Began U-Kiss promotions since this March

Born in 1991, Real Name: Kim JaeSeop
Lead Rapper, Former Group Member of 'Paran'
Joined with member Hoon

Born in 1994, Lead Rapper
Youngest of the group but holds a very high position in the group with personal promotions to spread word of U-Kiss
Very pretty dressed as a girl, Hobbies include Knitting

Born in 1989, Leader and Main Vocal
Not only looks but variety show skills similar to Jung HyungDon and Boom
Talent of Poppin dancing in his sleep
Our U-Kiss has Changed
Debut: 2008 August, 28th 
Single 'New Generation', Title Song 'Not Young'
Group Meaning: Superstars traveling and showcasing their name all over the world (Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star)

At their time of debut in 2008, their average age - 18.5. In the beginning, with TV promotions by member Dongho the group began known as 'Dongho and the Kids.' With the comeback of 'Man Man Ha Ni,' their 'KangNam Dance' (Strong Guy Dance) became popular. Afterwards, they continued with songs -- 'What', 'Shut Up' and later '0330.' Beginning members, Alexander, Eli, Soohyun, Kibum, Kevin, and Dongho were joined by Kiseop. This past February, the company fired members Alexander and Kibum, eventually adding in new members, Hoon and AJ.

Group Promotions: MBC Every1 BlingBling EveryShow 'U-Kiss' Vampire', E!TV 'Chef's Kiss' and many other variety programs including ruining their idol image... Big hit in the entertainment industry. 

Credits: kissmeukiss + 10Asia +
Take Out With Full Credits & Do Not HotLink

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