Monday, June 6, 2011

[TRANS] 110505 ukisskorea's Announcement regarding Japanese fans

There is a group of Japanese fans who are constantly following U-Kiss everywhere by taxi and also to their personal homes/dorm, not only in Japan but also in Korea. These actions have caused harm towards the members and managers. We've warned them many times to stop with these actions but they've even retrieved the manager's phone number. They also came to the office, stylist salon and places in Korea which Kiss Mes are forbidden to be at, so we've decided to restrict their access to any events such as fan meetings, fan signings, etc. Even if they are members of Kiss Me 2 (paid Kiss Mes), their privileges to events related to U-Kiss have been revoked. We will be posting an official statement on the homepage as well.
Kiss Mes, we understand that you wish to meet U-Kiss but please refrain from performing actions that may disturb them or we will restrict you from attending any U-Kiss events, in Japan & Korea. Please respect the rules. I am very saddened to announce bad news in such nice weather. ㅠㅠ Please be careful in the future with this kind of problem. Let's support U-Kiss!!

Credits: kissmeukiss + @ukisskorea + @sunmun423 (translations) +
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