Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[NEWS] 110726 U-Kiss is on the rise; another success in Nagoya after Tokyo

U-Kiss showed how powerful the Korean wave is by gathering thousands of fans in Nagoya after their success in Tokyo.

According to U-Kiss’ company, 5,000 fans gathered in Nagoya for a fan meeting.

In a fan meeting back in Tokyo, 10,000 fans assembled, and they are still on the road to success.

U-Kiss’ Japanese company Avex were surprised at the number of fans gathered, and showed confidence in the upcoming performances of U-Kiss.

Moreover, U-Kiss received good reviews by appearing on a preview event of the movie My Black Mini Dress, which Dongho acted in.

Another movie, Don’t Cry Mommy, where Yoo Seon, Yoo Ho Seong, and Dongho were cast in the lead roles, is expected to premiere soon in Japan; that movie is expected to establish a solid foothold for U-Kiss in Japan.

U-Kiss will have another fan meeting in Osaka on the 30th. Their tremendous popularity can be seen when 10,000 people assembled for the fan meeting where 5,000 seats were available.

U-Kiss will focus on Korean activies in September after wrapping up their activities in Japan. The group is also rescheduling for the shows in various countries abroad as well as coming out stage in Korea.
Credits: kissmeukiss + Star News + ilnungcha @ korea.com (translation)
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