Sunday, August 21, 2011

[TRANS] 110819 Dongho's Black vs Blonde hair

Idols Black vs Blonde hair, which is more attractive?

Blonde-coloured hair is worth trying once. In more recent years, idol groups have been frequently sporting the hair colour to be more eye catching and create a strong, cool image. So which one is the better one, the bright & fresh blonde or the dark & mysterious pitch black?

Recently, online communities have been intensely discussing and comparing several different idol group members.
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Idol group U-Kiss' Dongho made a transformation, in one of U-Kiss' (older) album concepts, from black to blonde hair. He commented that his blonde hairstyle had erased his cute image and created a manlier image for him.
What do you think about blonde/black hairstyles? Which do you think looks better on Dongho?

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  1. Black hair ^^ I agree with him. Blonde hair makes him too manly/beastly looking! Since he has to wear eyeliner. I <3 Dongho!!!