Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[NEWS] 110909 U-Kiss, from the nation's younger brothers to sexy men

U-Kiss, From the Nation's Younger Brothers to Sexy Men

Into the Fantasy of 'Neverland'...

Not long ago on the Oricon daily chart, U-Kiss placed third, with their debut album (Japanese debut), following 2PM and SHINee.

Now they're back, manlier and more charismatic than ever.

You may have recognised them before as the cute younger brothers, but now, a more manly feel can be sensed. The 7-member group introduced themselves as "the sexy and strong men."

Their 2nd album "Neverland" finally made its release after 6 months. Their amazing look and skill back up their label "God of Hallyu Idols".

Before the album release, the music video for the title track "Neverland" reached one million views within 5 days of its release on YouTube.

Credits: kissmeukiss + Nate + (translations)
Take Out With Full Credits & Do Not HotLink

'Man Man Ha Ni' 'Round and Round' Afterstory - 'Beat Dance'

Most songs in U-Kiss' release feature a strong dance. 'Man Man Ha Ni', Round and Round' and 'Shut Up!!' all featured strong dance routines.

Electronic house backgrounds the song "Neverland" into an upbeat dance track.

"Our focus on performing has become quite a main part for us. However, on stage, it's not just live skills that are watched. With different kinds of smaller talents we show, you will be able to see a "big change" - Soohyun

"Neverland means we want people to come join us in our fantasy. The choreography is strong, so it brings out the sexy and strong manly image. They say women fall for the hard-working, sweaty guys, so we want to show that kind of image." - Kiseop

"Straight Into Japan"

After their June promotions of 'Bran New Kiss,' U-Kiss headed towards Japan. With Japan's major label, Avex, their official debut will be in December.

"Compared to other groups, our Japanese promotions have started late. In order to follow in their footsteps, we needed to put in twice the work. We were unable to speak basic Japanese before, but we're improving and can now speak casually. Our hard work showed in the end. It was hard trying to break into Japan without a formal debut. We managed to get in, but it was difficult." - Kevin

Ultimately, these efforts prior to the hard times of their Japanese promotions led to the debut of '0330'. Furthermore, they landed themselves a place on the Oricon Daily Chart, at number 3.

"At first I struggled with language barriers. There were too many. But they shouted 'k-pop, k-pop' everywhere! I was motivated by all the cheering at Tokyo Dome, and realised that I can show off, too. We want to stand on a big stage and have our own concert." - Dongho & Eli

"Debut Siblings 2PM and SHINEE, We Have to Work Harder Than Them"

U-Kiss debuted at the end of August in 2008. Other groups such as 2PM and SHINee debuted around the same time as well.

"It's amazing. I cannot believe it's already been three years. A lot of junior groups are still debuting and we know we have to stress out and think more. In fact, compared to groups like 2PM and SHINee, our popularity is far below theirs. We want more, but our mindset is still the same - to work hard and to keep improving. Our goal is to win first place." - Hoon & AJ 

Credits: kissmeukiss + Nate + (translations)
Take Out With Full Credits & Do Not HotLink

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