Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[NEWS] 110919 U-Kiss' AJ accepted into Columbia University

AJ has been accepted into America's prestigious university, Columbia University, however, due to his activities as a U-Kiss member, he has been granted a leave.

U-Kiss' representatives, NH Media, met with enews and stated, "AJ is currently on a leave of absence". After AJ had departed from PARAN, he prepared for college in the U.S by sitting for college entrance exams. He scored perfect scores and high marks in SAT subject tests as well as SAT reasoning tests.

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However, due to AJ's activities with U-Kiss, he is not able to immediately begin his admission into the university.

NH Media stated, "AJ has a great passion for studying. His eagerness and commitment is shown through his acceptance under the university's conditions."

AJ is currently busy attending activities with U-Kiss in the promotion of their new release, 'Neverland'.

Credits: kissmeukiss + NH Media + enews24 + rocketboxx.net (translations)
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