Friday, September 23, 2011

[NEWS] 110922 U-Kiss’ Dongho says, “Seotaiji hugged me when I was a baby”

U-Kiss’ Dongho recently talked about the best idol stars of the 1990s, including Seotaiji and H.O.T.

On the 22nd, Dongho was a guest on Mnet’s Beatles Code.

Dongho said, “I have a picture of Seotaiji holding me when I was a baby.”

He added, “Since I was a little baby, I don’t remember when I took the pictures, but I also have a picture of me and H.O.T as well.”

Hong Jong Gu, former Noise’s member, said, “Dongho’s father published a popular magazine in early 1990s. It was popular to appear on the magazine covers back then.”

U-Kiss is keeping busy with their song “Neverland”.
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