Friday, October 7, 2011

[NEWS] 111007 U-Kiss becomes public relations ambassadors for economy of Gangwondo

U-Kiss is becoming public relations ambassadors for economy of Gangwondo.

U-Kiss is having guerrilla concerts at Chuncheon Nangman market from 6 pm on the 7th to promote vitalization of local economy in Gangwondo.

U-Kiss' members are going to visit major spots in Chuncheon Nangman market, experience, shop, and promote sales of the goods to report appealing parts of the traditional market.

They will also create package products using their names and put them up for auction. The profits from the auction will be donated to unfortunate young students in the community.

Chuncheon Nangman Market has recently changed to a culture complex, opening concerts and exhibitions in every street.

U-Kiss' public relations ambassador activities and guerrilla concerts are also the part of promotion for vitalization of the market.

U-Kiss will have surprise shows through guerrilla concerts at Gongjicheon, Chuncheon Jongangdong, Gongjicheon festival, Gangwondo campus, Chuncheon Myungdong, etc. and also have a market tour and a cooking event, making food to sell by themselves. 

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