Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[NEWS] 120104 Alexander opens up about going solo & hopes to work for the UN

Singer Alexander has finally launched his solo career, and he’s gaining attention not only in Korea and Japan, but in Malaysia as well. The star sat down for an interview with Malaysia’s ‘Straits Times‘, where he talked about going solo, finding his own performance style, and his dreams of working for the United Nations.

The article begins with Alexander’s thoughts on being able to express himself more as a soloist. “As a member of U-Kiss, I had to conform to the image of the group, in terms of songs and concept. Now that I’m flying solo, I get to represent what I believe in and what I love about music,” he said.
He added, “It’s fun to show fans my personality and colour. I told my agency the image that I wanted to portray, and it helped me find the right producers for my songs.

Later on, the reporter brought up his fluency in several different languages, including English, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, and Portugese. Alexander revealed that his interest in languages comes from his family background — his father is Portugese-Chinese and his mother is Korean.

He confessed that coming from a mixed-race background gave him some difficulties in the past, and that’s why he dreams of world peace, where there will be no discrimination.

The UN will be a good place for me to realise this dream,” said Alexander, explaining that one day he hopes to work for the UN. And which country would he represent? The star chose his home of Macau “because it is very multicultural.

The interview concluded with his thoughts on a potential reunion with U-KISS, a group he still considers to be like family.

It’s a good idea to reunite with all members, current and former, for a performance,” he says. “Who knows? We just might.”

[Check out the full interview here]

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