Thursday, October 13, 2011

[NEWS] 111010 U-Kiss updates on becoming Kangwon-do ambassadors on me2day

Amidst their busy schedule, the boys of U-Kiss kept fans updated on their whereabouts through the group’s official me2day account. Recently, U-Kiss was appointed as the ambassadors of Kangwon-do’s economy. To do their part as ambassadors, U-Kiss participated to promote Chuncheon’s romance road.

On October 10th, U-Kiss uploaded several pictures and messages, stating, “U-Kiss has become Kangwon-do’s economic ambassador! To promote Chuncheon’s romance road, we participated in a guerrilla concert, made gift donations, and even exchanged phone numbers with Choi Moon Soon, the governor of Kangwon-do. hehe” 

With that message, they added, “Scene from the guerrilla concert to promote Chuncheon’s romance road :)”, “Scene during the promotion of Chuncheon’s romance road! Eli wearing an apron! What an rare sight hehe”, “Of course including the residents of Chuncheon, many people have come to Chuncheon’s romance marketplace for the fall colors^^”, and “Last double V Hoon +_+”

With each message, U-Kiss uploaded pictures to take fans through their journey in Chuncheon. In one picture, U-Kiss is standing next to governor Choi Moon Soon with bright smiles on their faces. In another, the boys are seen on stage for the guerrilla concert. There were also individual pictures that were uploaded, showing the boys hard at work to promote Chuncheon as ambassadors.

Fans stated, “Wow!! The Kangwon-do governor must be very happy><”, “You all worked hard^^~ You must be tired, but don’t forget that you have fans all around you^^”, “Huk…. Eli oppa looks good in an apron, too”, and “U-Kiss, your Chuncheon target looks like it was a success.”

Credits: kissmeukiss + U-Kiss me2day + allkpop
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