Saturday, October 15, 2011

[NEWS] 111014 U-Kiss gives free promotion to Gangwon-do

U-Kiss was selected as a PR envoy for Gangwon-do and promoted the area for free.

On the 7th, U-Kiss recorded KBS’s Music Bank and went to Chuncheon. U-Kiss members wore aprons and sold rice cakes in hot sauce and  fried dishes. They also auctioned their belongings and held a guerrilla concert.

Even though Soohyun was sick, people would have never known because of his smile and hard work.

Pictures of U-Kiss members and governor Choi Moon Soon and the youngest member Dongho wearing a pink apron while cooking spicy and stir-fried chicken ribs were released online and drew a lot of attention.

After the event, U-Kiss made a great finish by tweeting they are eating chicken ribs in Chuncheon to promote the area.

Credits: kissmeukiss + TV Report +
Take Out With Full Credits & Do Not HotLink

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