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[INTERVIEW] 111224 U-Kiss @ '' Interview

U-Kiss, debuted in Japan on December 14th with “Tick Tack”! We have a long interview with them!

U-Kiss debuted in Japan on December 14th with “Tick Tack”. How is their enthusiasm towards their Japanese activities? What is the message they put into their song? We’re going to press the members one by one for their strong feelings!

What is the concept for your Japanese debut single “Tick Tack”?
Soohyun: The melody is powerful and upbeat, but the lyrics are like “telling a lie your girlfriend” and has a sad theme, so this is a song that has two sides.
Did you have troubles with recording this time?
Soohyun: Of course there were. We saw the translated version of the lyrics in Korean, and with the members, we even had a talk wondering, “what’s the meaning of this song”, although it wasn’t difficult to that point, still, the pronunciation part was difficult. Even so, when we compare it with the Japanese version of “0330”, I think we didn’t take as much time to finish it.

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Around how much time did it take?
Soohyun: We received the lyrics and the melody before the recording, since we recording after I made an image in my head, the recording itself didn’t take that much time, we recorded it in less than a day.
Hoon: For me, I think that I can become better in Japanese from now on but, as I thought, pronunciation is...
Eli: Within the members, my Japanese skill is the lowest, and the person who carried out the day recording this time was a Japanese person, since everything related to pronunciation was said in Japanese too, there was a part where I couldn’t follow their words, and that was the most difficult.
Kiseop: Also, for me too, pronunciation was a bit difficult.
Dongho: I couldn’t sleep from the morning of the day before the PV shooting until the morning of the day after.
Kevin: Since the person who carried out the day recording was a Japanese person, and our translator came in during the middle, there was a part that couldn’t be transmitted and that was difficult. Even so, after hearing the end result of the song, I thought that our performance was good.
AJ: I do the rap part, and since that part was quick, I couldn’t say the words quick enough, my tongue wasn’t moving that well. But, I think the whole thing was completed really nicely.

Did you have troubles with understanding the Japanese lyrics?
Soohyun: It’s not that it was difficult because it was Japanese, but the subject of the lyrics was really deep, as in, “you tell a lie for the sake of the girl you love, because you really don’t want to break up”, the first time I heard it, I didn’t understand it at all, I kept listening to it and looking at the lyrics many times, and little by little, I was able to understand it.

Which part of the lyrics interested you the most?
Kevin: “We can’t spend tomorrow like we did today” (Kyou no you ni, asu wa sugosenai)
Hoon: “I only love you” (Kimi dake wo aishiteiru)
Soohyun: “You haven’t realized it yet, you don’t know anything, I’m the liar who’s deceiving you” (Mada kitzukanai, nanimo shiranai, kimi wo damasu liar)
Eli: How much, how much, are you going to be hurt by these lies, baby (Dono kurai, dono kurai, kono uso de kizutsuku baby)
Members: Because it’s your own parts!
Kevin: “I’m just going to tell you a big lie” (Tada ooki na uso wo tsuku tame ni)
Dongho: Since now on our home page we have the short version of the PV, you haven’t seen this but, in the PV, the adlibs that Soohyun and Hoon do are a cool highlight.
Kiseop: The adlib part was cool. It’s a production that’s like when a high part and a low part cross.
Soohyun: Dancing with the silver powder was a really pretty production. Since you love your girlfriend and even if you don’t want to tell a lie, you have to tell it, it’s like all your complicated feelings just come out, it’s a painful and powerful scene.

What’s the highlight of the dance this time?
Eli: There are 3 points in the dance part. The first one is, at the part in first chorus that everyone does, it’s a dance where we use our legs, I think it’s easy to imitate.
Kevin: The 2nd one is, when the dance where we shake our heads at the same time as the sound of the clock ticking.
Eli: The 3rd one is at the part of the bridge, at the time of the dance break, up until now, all of us did the same choreography, but at this part, we’re separated into 3 and 4, we’re doing different dances while competing with each other, from there we finally go back together, and finish it with a cool image.
Kevin: In the very end part, it’s like the world really stopped, they aimed to make it as if time stopped, that’s a highlight too.
Members: That’s the part where Kevin becomes the centre (laughs) Is that why he spoke about it?

Please give a message for the Japanese fans!
AJ: After we debuted (Neverland comeback) in Korea, we debuted in Japan and since we didn’t have much time, I was nervous and felt anxious. But we worked very hard, and I want to show all the fans that we are always growing. Also, if we don’t grow, I don’t want the fans to think that we always look the same, so we’ll continue to grow, and I will do my best so that the fans won’t be disappointed.
Kevin: We waited for our debut too, and I think since the fans waited too, we probably kept you waiting long, I want to show you a cool image on stage. And, I want to be with U-Kiss, who always making great efforts and always grows. Also, after this Japanese debut, since we are continuing activities in Japan, we come in contact with the fans, I would like to be able to interact a lot with you. As always, thank you. I love you.
Dongho: Our official Japanese debut has come, I feel that this is an honour. Also, I think that there’s a special meaning for us to be singing Japanese songs infront of the Japanese fans. Also, since we worked very hard for this song, I think it would be nice if everyone would give us a lot of love for it. I think that if you love this song, our next single or album will also be related to this, so please make sure you listen to it. I love you.
Kiseop: I’m really happy that our Japanese debut came, but I’m also nervous. If we had a little more events, then we could have more chances to meet all the fans but, we can meet the fans now anyway. Also, since from now on, I think we’ll be doing more of these activities, I want us to become a U-Kiss that the fans can love more. I really love you!
Eli: I think that it’s an honour for us to have been able to debut with this song called “Tick Tack”. We did a lot of preparations so that we could release this CD, so I’ll be happy if the fans will give us a lot of support. I think that this time the events increased so we’ll have more chances to meet with the fans, and I want the fans to anticipate it. Please make sure to give “Tick Tack” a lot of support. Thank you. I love you.
Hoon: First of all, I want to say, thank you very much to all the fans. Because even when we were in Korea, the Japanese fans supported us. I think that our song “Tick Tack” is a really cool and good song, so I want to show it to the fans as soon as possible. If it’s for the fans, then U-Kiss will do their best.
Soohyun: To the fans, thank you for always supporting U-Kiss. We really worked hard, so please make sure you listen to “Tick Tack”. And, I miss you. We’re here thanks to all the fans.

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