Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[NEWS] 110222 U-Kiss’ agency is open to adding new members to the group

Following the recent news about Alexander and Kim Ki Bum withdrawing from U-KISS due to personal reasons, the group’s agency has voiced that they are open to adding new members to the now five-member group.

On February 23rd, a representative of NH Media stated, “If there is a good trainee to pick, there are chances that we could add them into the group.”

They continued, “However, for their comeback this March, the group will be promoting as five members, as the five have already recorded their album. Their spring comeback will have Soohyun as the lead, alongside members Kevin, Eli, Dongho and Kiseop.”

Credits: kissmeukiss + @allkpop
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  1. new member???
    for what ???
    showing to us that this new members of u-kiss are bettr than xander and kibum...
    no way..i will never accpt this new members of u-kiss i make us fans looking stupid, in your stupid this statement...