Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[NEWS] 110307 U-Kiss Create Hysterics Amongst Indonesian Fans

U-Kiss' (mini) concert that was held on Saturday (110305) at Star Theater Room, Mikie Holiday Hotel, Medan, Indonesia, made KissMes hysterical. The venue, which was filled with over 500 fans, was also filled with hysteric screams from fans. They repeatedly chanted "U-Kiss" interchangeably with each U-Kiss member's name - Soohyun, Dongho, Eli, Kevin, Alexander, and Kiseop. (Translator's Note: They also chanted for Kibum.)

The concert entertained the entire audience. The MC, Wira, began the concert by inviting the U-Kiss members to play games with their Indonesian fans. An hour was spent on this, which brought U-Kiss and the Indonesian fans closer.

In the first game, each U-Kiss member chose KissMes to play with them. The 6 people that were chosen ascended the stage to get a chance to interact personally with U-Kiss. One by one, each of U-Kiss members were asked to draw their chosen fan. They called it a "special offering". These games created much excitement amongst the fans, and the shouts of joy were deafening, especially when the members gave hugs to their fans.

After the opening cover dance (from Indonesian dance group) finished, the stage instantly became darker. When 6 handsome young men emerged with fashionable casual suits, applause and cheers filled the venue. U-Kiss brought 6 songs that night, including "Before Yesterday", "Bingeul Bingeul", "Shut Up!!", "Mworago", "Talk to Me", "End of the Road", & "Man Man Ha Ni".

U-Kiss performed very energetically. Their movements were very agile & well-organized. No wonder every movement always impresses their fans. After four songs, Alexander, who has been rumored to have been removed from the group, proceeded to the front of the stage. He officially stated that this was his 'first and last' meeting with Indonesian fans. He not state the reason why he was leaving the group, but Alexander promised to all the fans who have been supported and loving him that they will always be in his heart. This caused tears and made the fans even more hysterical. The atmosphere felt blue when all the U-Kiss members embraced each other on the stage.

Credits: kissmeukiss + Harian Analisa + @fanykho880410 (scan) + U-KISSesia + Xian @ U-KISSesia (translation) + (edit) 
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